Saeed and Simba, two lions that were rescued from Syria and Iraq, are heading to their new, permanent home in South Africa. The animals spent the last months in Jordan recovering from the physical and psychological trauma they endured while living in the war zones.

One of the lions

One of the lions Photo Credit: Screenshot from Twitter/FOUR PAWS

Two lions that were rescued last year from Syria and Iraq were released on Sunday from a rehabilitation center in Jordan. The animals are now on their way to a permanent home in South Africa.

Saeed and Simba were rescued by the animal rights group Four Paws International. While in Jordan at the Al-Ma’wa Animal Sanctuary, they recovered from the physical and psychological trauma of living in the deadly war zones. When they arrived, they were underweight and dehydrated.

Two-year-old Saeed was rescued from Magic World near Aleppo, Syria. Simba was saved from Iraq’s Mosul Zoo. Most of the animals that lived in the two zoos died due to the conflicts.

Watch: Simba and Saeed are going to South Africa