On Thursday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a statement laying out an ambitious road map to administer COVID-19 vaccines to the nation’s citizens.

“I spoke with the heads of the companies that are providing us with the vaccines and I told them that our goal by next week is to reach 150,000 vaccines a day,” Netanyahu said.

According to the prime minister, “Within 30 days of reaching this pace we will have vaccinated 4.5 million citizens. Since everyone needs two injections, after one month we will have vaccinated 2.25 million Israeli citizens. There is nothing like this in the world.”

Netanyahu referred to this period as “the critical stage” during which Israel would attempt to vaccinate the “at-risk” population, which he identified as “medical teams” and “people over 60.”

With 95% of Israel’s coronavirus mortality affecting this demographic, Netanyahu predicted that vaccinating these populations would mean that Israel “can emerge from the coronavirus, open the economy and do things that no [other] country can do” within 30 days.