Two Palestinians were arrested after they crossed the border from Gaza into Israel early Sunday morning. One of them was armed and likely planning to carry out a terror attack in Israel.

Israeli-Gazan border

Israeli-Gazan border Photo Credit: Doron Horowitz/Flash 90

Israeli troops arrested two Palestinians from Gaza early Sunday morning for crossing the security barrier into Israel. The IDF stated that the suspects, who separately crossed the border, were apprehended shortly after they entered Israel and that one of them was armed.

It is suspected that the armed Palestinian was planning to carry out a terror attack with the knife and grenade he was carrying. The army added that the two incidents appear unrelated because the suspects are from different areas in the Gaza Strip and crossed the border in different locations.

Meanwhile, IDF forces in the West Bank carried out overnight raids and arrested four Palestinians who were wanted for being involved in terrorist activities. In addition, three Palestinians armed with Molotov cocktails near Route 90 were arrested. The IDF is looking into the possibility that these Palestinians were responsible for Molotov cocktail attacks on passing vehicles in the past month.