Nine individuals were arrested and another 11 brought in for questioning out of suspicion that they extorted prominent business figures in Israel for millions of Shekels. The Central Unit of Israeli Police in Tel Aviv and the tax authorities inspected the homes of the suspects thought to be tied to the huge extortion effort.


Illustration. Photo Credit: Channel 2

Investigators with the Central Unit of Police in Tel Aviv, together with the ‘Diamond’ unit of the Israeli Tax Authority raided the homes of 20 individuals this morning (Monday) as part of an investigation into a serious case involving extortion using threats, force, physical attacks, weapons and for money laundering. One of the suspects arrested is a major figure in Israeli football and a senior Israeli lawyer was called in to provide his testimony to police.

The investigation was begun a number of months ago and has been conducted secretively, without revealing the details of the charges to the press. Today, 9 of the suspects were arrested in connection with the charges, and another 11 were held up for questioning.

From the investigation it appears that over the past two years, the suspects extorted important business figures for tens of millions of Shekels in order to try and gain control of their money and their businesses using threats, violence, by using weapons and other means. Some of the threats included setting off grenades, attacking the business figures and even shooting them.

According to police, the central suspect in the case is a 60 year-old man who is tied to criminal organizations and has even served long sentences in prisons in Israel and overseas. The suspects will testify tomorrow before the Tel Aviv Magistrate Court.