Hamas announced recently that 21 of its members were killed in the past year due to tunnel collapses. Hamas’ tunnel industry has become the terrorist organization’s latest special project. Rebel forces in Aleppo even admitted that they learned how to dig tunnels along the Syrian-Lebanese border from Hamas.

Hamas terrorists in tunnel

Hamas terrorists in tunnel Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

According to a new report released by Hamas, 21 of its members were killed in tunnel collapses in 2016. This is the first time that Hamas has released such information about its armed wing’s tunnel digging unit.

The unit consists of a few hundred members who were all carefully selected from the members of the terrorist organization’s armed wing. They went through intense training and perform work that is considered high-risk.

The members of the unit have to be able to work under complicated conditions such as being underground for several weeks straight. The offensive tunnels that are being created today are much more advanced than the previous tunnels. These tunnels are equipped with communication devices and electricity. Moreover, they are wider, meaning that Hamas terrorists can walk through them instead of crawling. This makes it easier for them to transfer weapons from one location to another.

The tunnels have become Hamas’ armed wing’s leading claim to fame. Rebels along the Syrian-Lebanese border have started to use the Hamas tunnel strategy and one of the leaders of the rebel forces in Aleppo even said during a recent interview that they learned how to dig tunnels from Hamas officials in Gaza.