2018 is off to a rainy start in Israel. Israelis across the country celebrated the New Year last night despite the thunderstorms and low temperatures.

Watch: Snow falls on Mount Hermon (Video Credit: The Mount Hermon Ski Resort)

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The New Year brought winter weather with it to Israel. Thunderstorms were reported in northern Israel on Sunday evening as many gathered with friends and family to ring in the New Year. Snow even fell on Mount Hermon as 2017 came to an end.

The Mount Hermon Ski Resort reported on Monday morning that snow continues to fall in the area. However, the resort is closed today due to the stormy weather conditions. 

Snow in northern Israel

Snow in northern Israel Photo Credit: Basel Awidat/Flash90

According to Israel News Company, the expected temperatures for today are: 14 degrees C (about 57 degrees F) in Haifa, 15 degrees C (59 degrees F) in Tel Aviv, 10 degrees C (50 degrees F) in Jerusalem, 20 degrees C (68 degrees F) at the Dead Sea, 14 degrees C (about 57 degrees F) in Beersheba and 19 degrees C (about 66 degrees F) in Eilat.