The evacuations that began yesterday morning after the Israel Police succeeded to clear off the last barricade. 15 young people were arrested and 21 policemen were slightly injured.

Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

After a conflict that lasted two days, the Israel Police succeeded to evacuate 9 homes in the Ofra community. Even before the evacuation began, most of the families evacuated voluntarily but when the Israeli forces came to the last house, they encountered violent resistance.

The Israel Police arrived yesterday in order to distance hundreds of people who came to Ofra and barricaded themselves inside the homes, on the rooftops and in the area. Most of them were evacuated after lengthy negotiations: “The evacuation was carried out in accordance with the decision of the court and the instructions of the political leadership to enable the IDF to complete the evacuation.”

However, when the forces arrived to the ninth and last house, the Israel Police was forced to make dozens of arrests after the demonstrators besieged inside clashed with police officers. During the operation, 21 police officers sustained injuries. 15 youths were arrested.  After all of these developments, the evacuations were completed.