Over 250 skulls buried in a field in Veracruz, Mexico have been uncovered in what the Mexican authorities believe to be a mass grave belonging to a local drug cartel for its victims.


Illustration Photo Credit: 123REF/Channel 2 News

Mexican authorities announced today (Tuesday) that 250 human skulls were found in what seemed to serve as a mass grave site for drug cartel victims near Veracruz, Mexico.

State prosecutor Jorge Winckler commented on the shocking discovery in an interview with Televisa network. Winckler refused to reveal when and by whom were the skulls discovered but explained that the victims were likely killed by the local cartels, years before.  

“I cannot imagine how many more people are illegally buried there,” Winckler said. “Veracruz is an enormous mass grave…It is the biggest mass grave in Mexico and perhaps one of the biggest in the world.”

Despite the high death toll indicated by the current number of skulls uncovered, Winckler noted that this figure will likely rise as authorities have only excavated a third of the site.

The war waged between different cartels in Mexico has cost the lives of tens of thousands of Mexicans each year. Following the mass grave’s discovery, victim’s advocacy groups comprised of the families of drug cartel victims have called on the authorities to further excavate such sites in the hopes of locating their missing relatives.