Mon. Jan 28, 2013 Israel News

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  • Obama calls to congratulate Netanyahu on election win
  • Yachimovitch says Labor will stay in opposition
  • Hospitals throughout Israel overloaded

US President Barack Obama on Monday called Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to congratulate him
saying that he looked forward to working with the new government, and reiterated his commitment to the “deep and enduring bonds” between Israel and the United States.

The labor party will not join the governing coalition currently being forged by the Prime Minister
. Less than a week after voters gave Labor only 15 knesset seats party members convened Monday for their first and very stormy faction meeting in Tel Aviv to discuss what was dubbed a failed political campaign.
Some party members voiced harsh criticism of Labor Party Chairwoman Shelly Yachimovitch claiming she failed to update party members during the election campaign. Nonetheless, the faction decided not to join the government, with Yachimovich reiterating her previous statement: “We will not join the coalition.

Hospitals in Israel reported, Monday, that occupancy had reached over 100 percent in its in-patient wards. At the same time, hospitals stressed that if a flu patient feels a worsening situation, such as difficulty breathing, high fever or any other symptom, the patient should hurry to the hospital for treatment.
The largest agriculture exhibition takes place in the arava region in southern israel and displays new vegetables and fruit developed exclusively by israeli farmers such as this pepper shaped eggplant purple beans . israeli farmers are even trying to cultivate rice in the desert climate.

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