Sat. Dec 29, 2012 Israel News

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  • Security forces evacuate illegal outpost
  • Likud to hold assembly in illegal building
  • Israel’s natural gas offshore drilling rig getting ready

Violent clashes took place between Israeli security forces and settlers during attempts to evacuate an illegal outpost in the territories. However, soldiers were able to peacefully evacuate the settlement the following evening. Protestors say the act was politically motivated and criticized security forces for attempting to evacuate the outpost on the Sabbath. Knesset candidate Tzipi Livni criticized the right wing protestors, as did Labor Party leader Shelly Yacimovich, referring to comments made by HaBayit Yehudi Leader Naftali Bennett that he would refuse orders to evacuate settlements in the West Bank if he were a soldier. Meanwhile, There is a Future party leader Yair Lapid said he is willing to sit in the opposition rather than be a fig leaf for what he termed a right-wing/Ultra-orthodox government.

A large gathering of Likud supporters is set to take place in the Grand Palace hall in Upper Nazareth. However, critics complain that the event hall does not have the proper authorization and that the location is dangerous for all participants, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who is scheduled to attend the event.

Israel’s massive offshore gas rig is getting set to start producing natural gas. The rig was shipped all the way to Israel from the US.

A new project by Israel’s Beit Avichai is recording parent’s bedtime melodies for posterity.

Though it’s the height of winter, residents of Tel Aviv took to the beaches to take advantage of summer-like weather. And in the north, flowers were blooming following the abundant early rains.

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