The IDF, together with the Shin Bet and Israel Border Police, announced that three suspected terrorists had been arrested in the village of Jabel Johar after finding parts of M16s hidden in a child’s backpack.

Weapon parts found in backpack

Weapon parts found in backpack Photo Credit: Screenshot from Twitter/ IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

On Friday, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit tweeted that the IDF, together with the Shin Bet and Israel Border Police, arrested three suspected terrorists in the village of Jabel Johar. The IDF reported that parts of M16s and other weapons were found hidden in a child’s bag.

This incident comes after a clash along the Gaza border yesterday. IDF tanks targeted Hamas posts after several explosive devices were detonated along the Gaza border fence Thursday morning. While Palestinian reports said two people were killed in the IDF’s retaliation attack, the IDF Spokesperson Unit claimed that there were no fatalities.

As previously reported by JOL, there has been a recent wave of incidents along the Gaza border. Earlier this month, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said Israeli troops disposed of a bomb placed near the Gaza border fence. The bomb was placed near the fence two weeks ago during a riot.

These incidents may also be linked to the Palestinian leadership in both Gaza and the West Bank encouraging violent protests against US President Donald Trump’s decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem and declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel.