For the past three years, Israel’s border with Gaza has been relatively quiet and the residents of the area are pleased. However, they know that the peace can be disturbed at any moment.

The Gaza Strip as it seen from the Israeli side of the border

The Gaza Strip as it seen from the Israeli side of the border Photo Credit: Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

The three years since Operation Protective Edge were relatively quiet along Israel’s southern border with Gaza and the residents of the area now worry more about the pests that harm their produce than Hamas’ rockets. This is a unique situation because on the one hand, the quietness has remained for a considerable amount of time but on the other, no one knows how long it will really last.

“The sense of security today is much better than what it was before,” Yochai Kofler, a farmer from Kibbutz Ein HaShlosha, said. “The quietness is almost absolute, you could say. But it could be disturbed at any second. It is always like this.”

During the operation, Kibbutz Nirim suffered a serious loss when a mortar attack claimed the lives of two residents. After the attack, a small number of residents left the kibbutz but since then, new residents have joined. Since the operation, the kibbutz has opened its doors to 25 young families.

“In the city, I didn’t know my neighbors and here I know where everyone lives,” said Hadar Robinstein, who moved to the kibbutz with her husband after the operation. “Your life receives significance and content here and it’s hard to find them outside of a communal place like this,” added Hadar’s husband. “It’s dangerous in a lot of places in the country. According to statistics, it’s not really more dangerous here than any other place.”