A show case of 30 ballistic missiles that can shoot within a range of 2,000 kilometers were displayed in Tehran. “We will never carry out an aggressive action, but will oppose those that attack us,” clarified Rouhani.

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In the background of appeasing diplomatic messages, Iran today arranged a military display of 30 ballistic missiles that can shoot within a range of 2,000 kilometers.  “Iran is not a threat to the area,” Iranian President Rouhani said in regards to the missile display and hinted at Israel.   “The threat is those that breach all of the international conventions that forbid weapons of mass destruction and who threaten others in the area.”

 A demonstration of military power was displayed in Tehran and in other cities to mark “Sacred Defense Week” in remembrance of the Iranian victims of the Iran-Iraq War, and in this framework, 12 Sejil missiles and 18 Hadir missiles were displayed.  Sejil missiles were tested for the first time in November 2008 and Hadir missiles in September of that same year.  Both types of missiles are multi-staged solid fuel powered. 

Ballistic missiles on display

Ballistic missiles on display Photo Credit: Channel 2

According to a report published by the French news agency AFP, the long-range rockets pose a danger not only to Israel but also to American bases in the Persian Gulf.  In his speech, President Rouhani insisted that the weapon’s parade was for defensive purposes only.  “Over the last 200 years, Iran never attacked another state,” the Iranian President claimed.   

 He declared that Iran will never carry out an aggressive action, unless someone attacks Iran.  “Also today, the armed forces of the Islamic Republic and its leadership will never carry out an aggressive action in the area,” said the Iranian President, “but they will always oppose firmly aggressors until victory.”