Rocket sirens went off in several locations and the Iron Dome system intercepted most of the projectiles. No casualties were reported.

Hamas militants fire mortars from the Gaza strip.

Hamas militants fire mortars from the Gaza strip. EPA.

A barrage of some 57 mortar shells was fired at 7:00 AM this morning from the Gaza Strip towards southern Israeli communities adjacent to the border. Red Alert sirens sounded again shortly after 9:30 AM. No casualties were reported. According to an Israeli defense source, the firing was approved by Hamas and conducted by the PIJ. Most of the mortars were intercepted by the Iron Dome system, however, one mortar hit a kindergarten in the Eshkol regional council. The IDF attacked a Hamas post in retaliation.

The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit tweeted: “Following reports of sirens heard earlier this morning, a barrage of 25 mortar shells were launched towards several locations in Israel. Most of the launches were intercepted by the IDF’s Iron Dome aerial defense system.” Moreover, the IDF is instructing citizens to follow the Home Front Command’s directions.

The firing appears to be a response to the elimination of three PIJ members by the IDF on Sunday. The PIJ terrorists were eliminated in an attack on an observation post manned by the terrorist group. The post was targeted in response to a bomb that was planted near the border fence on Saturday evening.