Amid the recent rise in anti-Semitic incidents in France, more than 300 politicians and celebrities signed a petition denouncing the “new anti-Semitism” they believe is a product of the Islamic radicalization in France. The signers are demanding action before “France is no longer France.”

Man wearing a kippa (Illustration)

Man wearing a kippa (Illustration) Photo Credit: Boles Shikmim via Wikimedia Commons

Following the rise in anti-Semitic incidents in France and the tendency within the French Jewish community to immigrate to Israel, more than 300 French politicians and celebrities have signed a petition calling on the government to condemn the “new anti-Semitism,” which is identified as “Islamic extremism.” Among the signers are former President Nicolas Sarkozy, actor Gerard Depardieu, former Prime Minister Manuel Valls and philosopher Bernard Henri Levy.

The petition was formulated in protest of crimes that were conducted recently with an anti-Semitic background. The Jewish community in France amounts to more than 500,000 people and is considered the largest in Europe. However, the recent anti-Semitic incidents have taken their toll on the community and many have chosen to immigrate to Israel. The petition reads: “We demand to see that the battle against this flaw in our democracy, the battle against anti-Semitism, will become a national cause before it’s too late, before France is no longer France.”

In addition, the petition asserted that radical Islam is carrying out a “clandestine ethnic cleansing.” The signers also accused the media of trying to silence the subject and neglecting it in their coverage.

The last victim mentioned in the petition was 85-years-old Mireille Knoll, who was stabbed 11 times before her body was set on fire. It also mentions the murder of Sarah Halimi, the shooting at the Toulouse school, the attack on the Hypercacher and more.