Mon. Dec 31, 2012 Israel News

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  • A 17-year-old right wing activist who spit at Knesset Member Ahmad Tibi shows no remorse.
  • An African migrant was arrested for the brutal rape of an 83-year-old woman.
  • High court reduces sentence of woman convicted of leaking classified IDF documents

The young woman who spat at Knesset Member Ahmad Tibi following a political debate at Bar-Ilan University on Sunday does not regret her actions. The young woman, who has been involved in scuffles with the police for her extreme right wing views, says the act was spontaneous and accused Tibi of spitting on Jews 365 days a year. Tibi says he does not feel humiliated by what he called a lesser opponent. Police are investigating the crime as a criminal offense.

Demonstrators gathered in Tel Aviv on Monday night after the gag order was lifted on the brutal rape of an 83-year-old woman in the courtyard of her South Tel Aviv building last week by a foreign migrant. The protesters are calling for the immediate expulsion of foreign migrants from Israel. The suspect is a 17-year-old Eritrean migrant who was known to the police. Police are beefing up security in the area on New Year’s Eve out of concern for potential retribution for the crime. The number of migrants attempting to enter Israel is down with only 36 in December who were all prevented from entering the country, compared to almost 3000 at the beginning of the year.

The high court on Monday shortened the prison sentence of Anat Kam, the former IDF soldier convicted of possessing and leaking confidential Israeli Defense Forces documents during her army service. Kam’s four and a half year sentence was reduced by one year due to her cooperation with the investigation and the fact that her sentence was more severe than that of Uri Blau, the journalist to whom Kam transferred the sensitive materials.

A 25 year old Israeli national is being detained in Egypt for reasons unknown. The Foreign Ministry is investigating.

And finally, after a hiatus of 6 months, Avraham Tal, Israel’s Musician of the Year, has released a new album.

Jerusalemonline wishes our viewers a Happy New Year.

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