A few Arab countries announced this morning that they are severing their diplomatic ties with Qatar. The official reason behind their decision: Qatar’s funding of terrorism and destabilization of the region. Saudi Arabia also urged other countries to follow suit.

Watch: Saudi Arabia severs its ties with Qatar over terror funding

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Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt and the UAE announced on Monday morning that they have decided to break off their diplomatic relations with Qatar. The four Arab countries noted Doha’s funding of terrorism as the reason behind their dramatic decision.

Saudi Arabia and Bahrain were the first to announce that they will be breaking off all land, sea and air contacts with Qatar. Saudi Arabia’s official news agency quoted a senior official who said that Riyadh made this decision in order to protect the kingdom from the dangers of terrorism and extremism that are funded by Qatar. “Saudi Arabia urges all of the friendly countries and commercial companies to do the same,” the official announcement from the Saudi royal family read.

Trump with Arab leaders in Saudi Arabia

Trump with Arab leaders in Saudi Arabia Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Shortly thereafter, Egypt and the UAE announced their decision. An Egyptian news agency reported that the reason behind Cairo’s decision was Qatar’s relations with terrorist organizations such as the Muslim Brotherhood. The Egyptian transportation minister said that Egypt’s airspace and seaports will be closed to Qatari aircraft and vessels “in order to protect the security of the country.”

The UAE accused Doha of destabilizing the region and gave Qatari diplomats 48 hours to leave the country.