The Israel Police conduced raids on several nightclubs around Tel Aviv to locate dangerous drugs. Four suspects were arrested, including the owner of one of the clubs.

The drugs confiscated during the raid

The drugs confiscated during the raid Photo credit: Israel Police/Channel 2 News

Police raided several nightclubs in Tel Aviv late Thursday night and arrested four people for using drugs.

The four suspects, among them is the owner of one of the clubs, are expected to be remanded in police custody on Friday.

According to police, the raid, which included the use of detection dogs, was conducted in order to “locate drugs that are being distributed in clubs and used freely and in a dangerous way.”

“We are determined to fight the distribution of drugs,” police said in a statement. “Especially when they’re used together with alcohol when it is known that they not only damage the health of the users, but also serve as a catalyst for crime and violence.”