Serious indictments have been filed against four Palestinians who were members of a terror cell affiliated with the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. The terror cell members planned to attack a wedding hall in Southern Israel as well as kidnap and murder an IDF soldier.


Illustration Photo Credit: Moshe Shai/Flash 90

It was cleared for publication today (Thursday) that the Shin Bet and Israel Police arrested four terror cell members who planned to carry out a serious terror attack at a wedding venue in Southern Israel. Indictments have been filed against the four suspects.

About a month ago, Mahmoud Yousef Hassin abu-Taha of Khan Yunis was arrested when he entered Israel through the Erez Border Crossing, ostensibly for commercial purposes. During his interrogation, it was discovered that he was the head of a terror cell that was following orders from the Palestinian Islamic Jihad in Gaza. A senior-level member of the terrorist organization instructed abu-Taha to establish a terror cell that would be prepared to carry out serious terror attacks including a coordinated terror attack at a wedding hall and the kidnapping and murder of an IDF soldier.

Thus, abu-Taha recruited three additional Palestinians: 55-year-old Shafik Hamed Ahmed abu-Taha, a Gaza resident who was illegally residing in Israel and was employed at the event hall that they planned to target, 39-year-old Ahmed Tisir Abdulrahman abu-Taha, a Gaza resident who was illegally residing in Israel, and 40-year-old Wahani Masoud Nasir abu-Amrah, who is originally from Deir al-Balah in Gaza but was residing in Israel legally after he received temporary residency.

Two of the suspects surveilled the wedding hall that is located just outside of Beersheba. The terror cell members planned to throw grenades toward the dance floor during a wedding or plant explosive devices underneath the tables. In addition, they planned to hide firearms in the trash cans outside of the venue and then use them in order to increase the number of causalities.

The terror cell members also planned to kidnap and murder an IDF soldier. The terror cell members planned to bury the soldier in Israel and then transfer his belongings to Gaza so that terrorist organizations could conduct negotiations by using the information about the soldier and his belongings as bargaining chips.