Former US President Bill Clinton has once again found himself in the midst of a sex scandal after four new women are claiming that he sexually assaulted them. However, the incidents at hand are attributed to the period after Clinton left the White House.

Bill Clinton at the Rabin Memorial Assembly

Bill Clinton at the Rabin Memorial Assembly Photo Credit: Ben Kalmer/MAKO

The wave of accusations regarding sexual assaults committed by celebrities in the US opened a box of skeletons mostly within the Hollywood film industry but, it is now moving towards the most senior-level US politicians. Former US President Bill Clinton, who has been involved in several sex scandals throughout the years, is facing new accusations from four different women, who claim that he sexually assaulted them.

The details were first reported today (Monday) in the Daily Mail and provided by Democratic Party sources and an official who served in a public position for the White House durng both the Clinton and Obama administrations. The current accusations against the 71-year-old former president stem from 2001, during the period when he left the White House.

The attorneys representing the four women notified Clinton that they intend to file four separate lawsuits against him but during negotiations, the lawyers asked Clinton for a large compensation in return for their clients’ silence. A member of Clinton’s legal team confirmed the allegations.