A young boy was found alone with a kitchen knife. Police evacuated him to the hospital after signs of abuse were found on his body. The boy’s parents are under investigation.

The knife the boy was carrying

The knife the boy was carrying Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

A 4-year-old boy was found wandering alone in his father’s building’s stairwell with a large knife in hand. The boy appeared injured with signs of abuse on his body. He was taken to Tel HaShomer Hospital for minor injuries. His parents are being investigated for child neglect.

This morning, the police received a call about a 4-year-old boy holding a knife and wandering alone in a stairwell on Yarden Street in Ramat Gan. The squad car that arrived on scene found the boy with signs of injury and abuse all over his body.

During the initial investigation, it was discovered that the boy was in his father’s care and was at the time supposed to be in his apartment. After the father did not answer the police’s phone calls, they were concerned about his life and decided to break into the apartment, finding it empty and neglected. Some time later, the boy’s mother arrived on scene and was escorted to the hospital. The boy’s parents are now under investigation for child neglect.