The IDF has updated the number of Hamas missile attacks against Israel since yesterday, According to army estimates, between 22:30 on Saturday and until 6:30 am on Sunday (local time), 430 rockets were fired against Southern Israel.

It is estimated that Israel’s Iron Dome defense system has managed to intercept about 150 of the rockets The IDF has responded by hitting 200 strategic targets in Gaza including an underground arms factory, cross border attack tunnel, and a Hamas’s military intelligence headquarters.

Seventy percent of the rockets landed in open fields, and the Iron Dome took out a majority of the 30 percent that reached populated areas. Several Hamas rockets hit homes, and school courtyards that were luckily vacated beforehand.

Several Israeli injuries have been reported, and a 58-year-old father named Moshe Agadi has been killed.

Hamas has blamed Israel for the death of a Palestinian mother and her baby. The claim has been rebuffed by the IDF

“Terrorist propaganda is at its best. The mother and child whom they claim in Gaza were killed in an IDF attack were killed by the use of Hamas weapons,” said an IDF spokesman.