Yesterday, a survey published on Holocaust Remembrance Day (Yom HaShoah), has shown the great ignorance Austrian adults have about the Holocaust; even about the concentration camp that lay in their own backyard.

The study was conducted by the Claims Conference that assessed the knowledge of 1,000 Austrian adults regarding the Holocaust.

56% of Austrians did not know that six million Jews were murdered during the Holocaust, 36% said the number was two million or less, 25% said it was less than a million, and 12% put the number less than one hundred thousand.

In addition, 42% of respondents were unaware of the existence of the Austrian concentration camp Mauthausen, even though it is located about 140 kilometers from the capital, Vienna.

In a similar survey conducted by the Claims Conference,  31% of Americans said they believed that fewer than 2 million Jews were murdered during the Holocaust.

In the same poll, 72% of Canadians said they did not know who Elie Wiesel was and only 55% knew who Oskar Schindler was.

In a survey carried out in England by the “Holocaust Memorial Day Trust”, one in five Englishmen also claimed that less than two million Jews had died in the Holocaust and half of all respondents said they did not know how many Jews had died .