Amid the drama surrounding the cyber-attack on the computers of Emmanuel Macron’s campaign network, 47 million French citizens are expected to head to the polls today in order to elect their next president. The latest polls showed that Macron was in the lead.

Watch: Rainy weather in France as millions head to the polls

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Today (Sunday) is a crucial day in France as 47 million citizens head to the polls in order to choose their next president: independent centrist Emmanuel Macron or right-wing Marine Le Pen. The next French president is expected to not only shape the character of France but also that of the entire European continent.

The polls opened at 9:00 AM (Israel time) throughout the country. However, experts are worried that the rainy and windy weather that is expected to sweep across the country today and the polls indicating that Macron is leading by a large margin will affect voter turnout.   

Who will be France's next leader: Emmanuel Macron or Marine Le Pen?

Who will be France’s next leader: Emmanuel Macron or Marine Le Pen? Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Shortly before the law prohibiting additional campaign activities in France went into effect, thousands of hacked documents and emails from the network of Macron’s campaign headquarters were released over the Internet.  In a statement, officials from Macron’s campaign said that some of the documents are fake. Meanwhile, Russia has been accused of being behind the cyber-attack and releasing the documents.