More than 5.5 million people have already evacuated Florida in anticipation of Hurricane Irma’s landfall. Rick Scott, the state’s governor, warns that the storm will be as bad as they feared: “You need to leave now… not tonight, not in an hour, you need to go right now.”

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After the death and destruction that Hurricane Irma left in its wake throughout the Caribbean, Florida is now on high alert as the storm makes its way towards the Florida Keys. Irma is expected to make landfall tonight (Saturday) or tomorrow morning along the coast and should hit mainland around early afternoon on Sunday. Fearing the worst, authorities in Florida are currently overseeing the largest civil evacuation operation in the country’s history.

Governor Rick Scott has made numerous plees to Florida’s residents to heed the warnings that the National Hurricane Center has been putting out and has also turned to Twitter to keep his constituents informed in both English and Spanish. “You will not survive all this storm surge,” he warned.

During a press conference, Scott called on all residents in the areas where evacuation orders were issued to leave their homes immediately: “The storm is here. Hurricane Irma is now impacting our state,” he said. “If you’ve been ordered to evacuate, you need to leave now…not tonight, not in an hour, you need to go right now.”

“This is a deadly storm and our state has never seen anything like it,” the governor continued. “Once the storm starts, law enforcement cannot save you,” Scott said. “Do not put your life or your family’s life at risk.”

The Florida emergency authorities announced today that 5.6 million citizens- a quarter of the state’s population- have already been ordered to evacuate their homes.