On Sunday evening, five passengers aboard a helicopter died after the pilot lost control of the aircraft and crashed into the East River in New York. Only the pilot survived the crash.

Helicopter crashes in East River

Helicopter crashes in East River Photo Credit: Screenshot from Twitter/ JJ Magers

A helicopter carrying six people crashed into the East River in New York on Sunday evening. Three were rushed to the hospital with serious injuries after initially surviving the crash. However, they were later pronounced dead. The sole survivor was the pilot.

Firefighters and divers were rushed to the scene. FDNY Commissioner Daniel Nigro stated that the passengers were all securely fastened in the helicopter and had to be forcefully removed by cutting the seatbelts.

The pilot made an emergency call to LaGuardia Airport in New York to inform the authorities that the helicopter was experiencing engine failure. The pilot attempted to perform an emergency water landing and failed. According to reports, the helicopter was used for a private photo shoot and crashed near the official residence of the mayor of New York.