During a family visit to the Ktzi’ot prison near Be’er Sheva, guards noticed that the 5-year-old son of one of the security prisoners was behaving strangely. After searching him, they discovered that he had 10 cell phones hidden in his underwear that he was attempting to smuggle into the prison.

Ktzi'ot Prison

Ktzi’ot Prison Photo Credit: Moshe Shay, Flash90/ Channel 2 News

A security prisoner serving his prison sentence in the Ktzi’ot Prison in southern Israel was sent to solitary confinement Wednesday after prison guards managed to stop a 5-year-old boy from smuggling cell phones into the jail.

During family visitation time at the Ktzi’ot prison, prison guards with the Israel Prison Service noticed that a visiting child, the son of one of the security prisoners, was acting suspiciously. They searched the boy and found 10 mobile phones hidden in his underwear and 3 SIM cards hidden elsewhere on his person.

The security prisoner who was to receive the contraband was moved to solitary confinement and the Israeli Prisons Service members on site opened an investigation into the incident.

Last year, former MK Basel Ghattas of the Israeli-Arab Joint List party was convicted of sneaking 12 cell phones, 16 sim cards, two chargers and an earpiece to Palestinian terror convicts while visiting them in Prison. Ghattas was sentenced to two years in prison as part of a plea bargain in which he decided to resign from his position in the Knesset.