While Mexico City continues to recover from the powerful 8.1-magnitude earthquake that shook the city and the surrounding areas earlier this week, a strong 6.2-magnitude earthquake hit today (Saturday). No reports of additional damage or injuries have been received.

Watch: Bird’s eye view of Mexico City after the powerful 8.1-magnitude earthquake

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While rescue teams continue to search for survivors underneath the rubble of collapsed buildings in the aftermath of the 8.1-magnitude earthquake that struck Mexico on Tuesday, a strong 6.2-magnitude earthquake hit the country today (Saturday). In Mexico City, residents reported that buildings shook during the quake.

At the moment, it is unclear whether additional damage or injuries were caused by today’s earthquake. The death toll from Wednesday’s earthquake has reached almost 300. Many countries, including Israel, have sent aid delegations and funds in order to help Mexico during this difficult time.

Damage in Mexico City

Damage in Mexico City Photo Credit: Israeli Foreign Affairs MInistry/Channel 2 News

Yesterday, the power company said that electricity has been restored to 95% of the customers in the three states that were affected by the earthquake and the Mexican Health Ministry stated that mobile hospitals will be transferred to the rescue sites.