In the 5th attack of its kind in less than two weeks, an American drone took out an Al-Qaeda team in south Yemen. Last night Obama addressed the decision to shut down embassies.

6 dead in Yemen

6 dead in Yemen Photography: Reuters

While the state of high alert of attacks on US targets in the Middle East continues, a US drone took out an Al-Qaeda team of at least 6 men today (Wednesday) in the south of Yemen.

  According to the reports, the US aircraft fires six missiles at two vehicles that were driving near the southern town of Atak. The vehicles were destroyed and residents arriving on site could do nothing but remove the bodies.

 It is the fifth American attack of the kind in less than two weeks. Since the end of July at least 20 armed men have been killed in similar attacks in Yemen – four of them from the organization Ansar El-Shariya, which is considered to be a very extreme branch of Al-Qaeda operating in Yemen.

 Obama: “The threats are significant”

“The threats are significant” Obama on Late Night

“The threats are significant” Obama on Late Night Photography: Reuters

Following the threat of a terrorist attack, both the US and Great Brittan closed their embassies in Yemen. Washington even called all its citizens to leave the Yemen immediately. ). “In response to the State Department’s request, the air force flew a team out of Tsana this morning, as part of reducing the emergency team” said Pentagon spokesman George Little. “The American Defense Department continues in keeping a team in Yemen, in order to assist the state department in monitoring the security situation”.   

Last night American President Barrack Obama addressed the threats that lead to the closing of several American embassies throughout the Middle East and Africa saying that they were significant and substantiated. “We took the necessary percussions” Obama explained.

Obama, who took time out of his busy schedule to appear on Jay Leno’s talk show on American television network NBC, did not address the report that claimed that an intercepted message from the head of Al-Qaeda calling for an attack to be executed in Yemen –  was the cause for the move. However, did say that the threats were significant enough for the precautionary measures to be taken. “It is a reminder that despite the progress we have made, the violent extremism is still there” the President explained.