During the night, Israeli security forces arrested seven rioters in East Jerusalem after they threw Molotov cocktails and shot fireworks at them. Today, the security forces continue to be in a state of high alert.


Archive Photo credit: Channel 2 News

Today (Saturday), Israeli security forces are maintaining a state of high alert following the recent Palestinian riots.

During the night, police forces operated in several locations in the neighborhoods of Isawiya and Abu Tor in East Jerusalem and arrested seven rioters who threw Molotov cocktails and fired fireworks at the security forces. The suspects were brought in for questioning.

West Bank protests

West Bank protests Photo credit: Channel 2 News

Yesterday, an Israeli court extended the remand of two female suspects that were arrested near the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem after they attacked a police officer and broke her hand.

Over a week since the US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, approximately 2,500 Palestinians protested the decision in the West Bank by setting car tires on fire, throwing Molotov cocktails and throwing stones at the Israeli security forces. Another 3,500 Palestinians joined the ‘day of rage’ in Gaza.