A serious car accident occurred in the Northern Golan Heights this evening. 7 people were injured and 3 Magen David Adom and IDF helicopters were rushed to the scene in order to evacuate the wounded to hospitals in the area.

Northern Golan Heights, tonight

Northern Golan Heights, tonight Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

7 young people were injured this evening (Tuesday) when a tractor and car collided near the Wasat junction in the Golan Heights. 4 of the wounded are in critical condition.

3 Magen David Adom and IDF helicopters were rushed to the scene. The wounded received initial treatment from the paramedics before they were evacuated to hospitals. It is still unclear what caused the tractor to hit the car and overturn.  

The investigation into the accident is expected to focus on the APC’s braking system and the choice of route in the region. The investigators will examine the braking system and check if there were any problems with it. In addition, the investigators will determine whether or not it was necessary to take the selected route in the dark.

The accident occurred during an operational activity conducted by the Combat Engineering Corps’ 601 Battalion. A month ago, a grenade detonated and killed 2 soldiers of the same battalion.