The 7-year-old boy who nearly drowned on Thursday when his hand got caught in the suction opening of a hot tub succumbed to his injuries today. He was taken to Ichilov Hospital in critical condition while undergoing CPR but after several days and despite the doctors’ efforts, he passed away.

Scene of the disaster

Scene of the disaster Photo credit: MDA/ Channel 2 News

The boy who nearly drowned last Thursday in a hot tub died tonight (Tuesday) from his injuries at Ichilov Hospital despite the doctors’ best efforts. The boy nearly drowned after most likely getting his arm trapped in the suction opening of a hot tub and remaining under the water for five minutes.

Magen David Adom (MDA) forces were called to the scene and managed to rescue the child and begin resuscitation efforts while evacuating him to the hospital. “People at the scene began to empty the hot tub while I was extracting his arm,” recalled Shlomi Rene, a senior level MDA medic. “After his arm was set free, I pulled him out of the water and began life-saving medical treatment including CPR. Our Mobile Intensive Care Unit arrived quickly and continued the advanced resuscitation efforts.”

According to data from the Beterem- Safe Kids Israel organization, since the beginning of 2016, there have been 44 cases of children nearly drowning, 15 of which have ended in deaths. In the last three months alone, 11 kids have drowned. Drowning is the leading cause of death in the summer among children. Since 2008, 137 children have drowned in Israel.