Students in Israeli middle schools and high schools are starting the summer vacation today. In about 10 days, they will be joined by about 1.5 million elementary school students and kindergarteners in the State of Israel. The Ministry of Education will host a number of activities for children and youth this summer.


Illustration Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Around 700,000 students in secondary schools will finish the school year today and start summer vacation. On July 1, they will be joined by another 1.5 million primary school students and kindergarteners.

“Dear students and teachers, have a great vacation,” Israeli Education Minister Naftali Bennett proclaimed. “Summer vacation is not just a vacation from school for it is also important to have a meaningful vacation. I hope that each and every one of you will take advantage of the time in order to advance something, develop values and to be cultured, to spend time volunteering to help others, to have quality time with the family, to go for a walk, to plan your hours of leisure and most importantly, to not spend all of the time in front of a TV screen.”

During the summer vacation, the Ministry of Education will run programs for children and youth. Information regarding the activities can be found on the websites of the Education Ministry and the local authorities.