Imagine buying a table for less than $200 and finding thousands of dollars hidden inside.  A rabbi bought the table on a popular website second hand and paid for it in hard cash.  Inside the table, an inch was lacking in the door.  The rabbi took the pains to bring the threshold to the door and then the rabbi uncovered the treasure.

“Behind the drawers was a plastic bag, a shopping bag, and inside I found $100.  I opened the bag and it was full of cash.  I counted the cash and it contained $98, 000,” Rabbi Noah Morap stated. 

“If G-d had wanted me to receive such a gift, he would have passed the treasure in the table to the door.  It was stuck in the table and we had to dismantle it, meaning that it was lost and we had to do the mitzvah of returning lost property.   The $98,000 was recognized as an inheritance inside the table, which had been hidden and forgotten,” he stated.

“My wife and I looked at ourselves and we said immediately that we cannot keep the money,” the rabbi stated.  Postcards were sent thanking the Good Samaritan.  The owner wrote the rabbi and his wife stating that there “are not many like you.”