The company, which markets cleaning and hygiene products, chose to name them after the gas the Nazis used to murder the Jews in the Holocaust.

“Cyclone B” cleaning products

“Cyclone B” cleaning products Photography: PR

Shocking insensitivity or intentionally hurting the feelings of the Jews? A French company marketed hygiene and cleaning products named “Cyclone B” – the type of gas used by the Nazis when murdering Jews during the Second World War. Following the harsh condemnation of the name by CEO of the Association of Jewish organizations in the European Union, the Company agreed to change the name of the product.

French company “IPC-Sa” marketed a series of products under a horrifying name – products that are being used, among others, by the European parliament’s cleaning contractor.

Following the publication on the name of the products, the French company said that they were not aware of the sensitivity arising from the name and that they will work to change it. The parliament’s cleaning contractor was instructed to stop using the products.

Remains of the crematoriums at the Majdanek extermination camp

Remains of the crematoriums at the Majdanek extermination camp Photography: AG

“The filthiest name for a product that whishes to broadcast hygiene”

CEO of the European Jewish Agencies (EJA), Rabbi Menachem Margolin, severely criticized the use of the terrible name, which according to him more than anything else the Nazi death factory. “In the best case it is terrible ignorance, and audacity and a Guinness record of evil at the worst case – in which the people of the company are aware of the horrifying ways the Nazis used the gas” he told Channel 2 New Online. “There is no doubt that it is the filthiest name possible for a product that whishes to broadcast hygiene”.

Rabbi Margolin said that the European Parliament severed ties with the contractor that is marketing the ghastly named cleaning products. “Officially they say that they did not intend or think.  They excused it by saying that the letter B represents the word Biology. If there is something that represents the extermination more than anything else it is the ‘Zyklon B’, and I don’t believe that they did not notice that” the Rabbi said. “AS I understand things the company will change the name. It is very unusual, but we are seeing a lot of campaigns against Jews”.