Drizzles along the coast and lower-than-usual temperatures mark the official first day of summer in Israel. Starting tomorrow, temperatures will gradually rise and continue to rise throughout the weekend.

Watch: Drizzles and cloudy skies on the first day of summer

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Today is officially defined as the first day of the summer season, but early birds in northern Israel and along the coast were surprised to awaken to unexpected drizzles and cloudy skies. Later in the day, temperatures are expected to drop further.

Residents of central Israel also reported seeing cloudy skies overhead and light showers. “The truth is that I did not expect such a surprise. We are already in June and today is the first day of the summer,” said Shai from the Sharon district. “But the truth is that it’s nice, just before the big heat, to be reminded of the winter.” Another resident said that “just minutes after I hung the laundry outside, the surprising rain began on the first day of summer, and I had to bring the laundry in. That has never happened to me in June.”

Around Israel, temperatures today are expected to reach: Katsrin 28˚ C, Nahariya 27˚ C, Safed 24˚ C, Tiberias 33˚ C, Nazareth 26˚ C, Haifa 26˚ C, Taibeh 28˚ C, Ariel 24˚ C, Tel Aviv 27˚ C, Jerusalem 24˚ C, Beit Shemesh 28˚ C, Dead Sea 35˚ C, Rehovot 27˚ C, Ashkelon 27˚ C, Sderot 28˚ C, Arad 29˚ C, Be’er Sheva 30˚ C, Mitzpe Ramon 28˚ C and Eilat 38˚ C.

But don’t let the rain and low temperatures fool you- starting tomorrow, temperatures should rise and continue to rise throughout the weekend. Next week is expected to be warmer than usual for the season.