In the next Knseeset, there will be a smaller female representation than in the previous one.

Israel Presiedent Reuven Rivlin encouraged PM Benjamin Netanyahu to address this “Unfortunately, this Knesset will have far fewer women than the previous Knesset. I hope that the new Knesset and government will include women ministers and committee chairs, and ensure that the voice of women is present and clearly heard.”

In the 35th Knesset Parliament, only 29 seats of 120 will be occupied by women compared to the previous legislature where there were 34 representatives.

President Rivlin’s officially tasked Netanyahu to try and form the next Knesset. Netanyahu is the only candidate┬ápost-election who has the ability to form the required majority needed to govern. The PM has the support of 65 right-wing parties who have already committed to him.

Netanyahu has 28 days to form the next government, which can be extended for two more weeks. The formal negotiations are expected to begin after the Jewish holiday of Passover which ends April 26th.