Shira and Amichai Ish-Ran

Last, Sunday in a drive-by shooting by Palestinian terrorists 7 Israelis were hit, including a 21-year-old pregnant woman. The shooting occurred at a bus stop near the Town of Ofra located in the West Bank. IDF troops nearby responded by firing towards the vehicle, which fled.

One of those wounded was a 21-year-old pregnant woman named Shira Ish-Ran was in serious condition after sustaining wounds to her upper body.

Doctors were forced to deliver the baby prematurely by emergency C-Section.

The premature baby died Wednesday, despite doctors’ efforts to keep him alive.

He was buried Wednesday night.

The baby, whom they had not even managed to name, was called Amiad Israel before being buried on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem. The family of the baby was accompanied by hundreds of people who came to the place to offer their support to the loved ones in this tragedy.

The baby’s parents, Shira and Amichai Ish-Ran, were both unable to attend the funeral of their child as their wounds were to severe to leave the hospital.

To many, such a terrible thing would break the spirit of a mother.

Not Shira Ish-Ran. A day after her prematurely-born son died, this resolute Jewish woman vowed to stick it to the Palestinian terrorists who had visited upon her such pain and suffering by having “many more babies.”

Shira was having none of it. Speaking to local media after burying her baby, she said: “I will prove to them, I will show them. I will bring many more babies into this world. Am Yisrael Chai.