In 2013 an article  by Mahdi Majid Abdullah with the title “Arabs and Muslims must learn from Israeli morality” was written in the Elaph, a pan-Arabic newspaper based out of London. 

When it was 1st published it received a tremendous backlash from the Arab World, which is perhaps why it cannot be found on Elaph’s website.

Although it is very common for old articles to be removed from databases, it is interesting to note that  a copy of the article written in its original Arabic form is virtually nonexistent.

Whats bothersome is that the article is a voice of reason in a world of hate.

It is true today as it was than.

I have suffered psychologically from the thinking of Arab Islamic society in which I lived quite a long period of time….It is obvious in our community that Jews are the most despicable people, they are hypocrites, they love only themselves, they are seeking to disrupt nations and peoples, they are people despised them by God, an envious people that does not like the goodness of humanity … And so forth of all the bad qualities.

With the passage of time and after I began to know about Jews, these axioms went from being facts into lies I have. I regret with most remorse the daily hate I had of Israelis…

Israelis have morals and kindness, even with the Palestinians, who were shelling the capital Tel Aviv, and there are many examples that cannot fit in a single article or two articles or not even in books, of models and examples of Israeli ethics that Islamic Arab societies are trying to distort in the eyes of their citizens.

In 2008 144.838 Palestinians entered Israel for medical treatment, and by the end of 2009 the number was increased by 20 percent, up to 172.863 people, while the total in the following year reached 175.151 inhabitants. In the year 2011 the number has increased by 13%, reaching 197,713 people, then followed another increase in 2012, as 210.469 people required medical treatment for them in Israel. 

I wonder would any Arab country deal this way with the Israeli people?

Of course, women and children who kill Palestinians in the defensive war led by the Israeli army against Hamas, are not targeting them, but this is one of the evils of war, and all war victims are innocent. Israel is well aware of this and it had issued a statement after every defensive military operation apologizing for innocent victims and compensating their families and loved ones financially and morally, and if it wasn’t for Hamas operations and their constant, reckless shelling of Israeli territory [there wouldn’t be any war,] and this is well known to you, O reader, that Israeli operations are only against the terrorists of Hamas.

The Israeli Foreign Minister said that “the Jewish state can not stand on the sidelines when they are committing atrocities in a neighboring country such as Syria, where people lose everything around them. Although Israel could not interfere in the events taking place in the state that it does not have diplomatic relations with, it is our moral duty to provide humanitarian aid and to suggest to the world that it put an end to the massacres. “

I have not heard in my life to this day any Arab official, small or large making a similar statement towards Israel, but rather insults and wishful thinking of death and destruction that stems from their hearts and goes to their tongues that need chlorine to clean them.

Since Israel was founded in 1948 it has been sensitive to ethnic and religious minorities living in its territory, and has stated in the Declaration of Independence issued at the time as follows: “The State of Israel will ensure complete equality of social and political rights to all its inhabitants without discrimination on the basis of religious or ethnic or gender, and will guarantee freedom of religion, conscience, language, education and culture and protect the holy places of all religions, and will be faithful to the principles of the Charter of the United Nations “.

Perhaps some believe that the Israeli declaration Israeli is like the Arab Islamic constitutions that are mere ink on paper, but what to watch sessions of the Israeli Knesset and see freedom enjoyed by Arab members who are in it and their severe criticism of the Israeli government ,and to see mosques and spread in Israeli spaces, and to see veiled women, and to see Arab schools, organizations and Arab institutions in the capital Tel Aviv and other Jewish areas, you know that the Israeli constitution is accurate, unlike Islamic Arab constitutions.


Israel democratic parliamentary system consists of three powers: legislative, judicial and executive…The system relies on the principle of separation of powers must be based on the authority of the executive (government) to obtain the confidence of the legislature (Knesset), and where the rule of law ensures the independence of the judiciary. 

Arab countries in their constitutions have the same formula, but the pure reality is that they are dictatorships, the person sitting on the throne cannot be removed except through death or a military coup or other sudden cosmic miracle.

The Israeli regime is beautiful in that its system does not recognize persons as special, but considers every state official as a servant of the people, and when there is the slightest sin he is smoothly and easily tried m and disciplined and then expelled, and all this is happening in public inside and outside Israel, with Israeli President Moshe Katsav and Israeli Foreign Minister Lieberman and other cases.

An Israeli head of state was guilty of sexual harassment but the state wasn’t turned upside down when he was kicked out of his job, he was tried and imprisoned, – no military coups or revolutions or uprisings in the State of Israel.

In the Arab countries presidents have not only harassed but also raped and even beyond that, as well as tyranny and dictatorship and monopolizing power for decades, and we did not see any head prosecuted or expelled or affecting his reputation and his character survives without a scratch, and the catastrophe is that there are clerics to justify him and his actions and his outrageous corruption.


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