Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

Chandan Nandy, acting editor of India’s South Asia Monitor, proclaimed on Twitter: “The election has been robbed.”

According to the Guardian, at least 17 BNP activists and other victims were killed at the polls on Election Day.  For example, in Rangamati, a local Juba League leader was killed and ten others injured in a clash between BNP and the Awami League activists at Kawkhali upazila in Rangamati.  In another instance, BNP activist Mojibur Rahman, 35, was killed after being shot during a clash between the Awami League and the BNP at the Belashwar Government Primary School Center.  As a result, the voting was temporarily shut down in the school.   There were countless other incidents like this on Election Day across Bangladesh.

This news comes amid reports that Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina rigged the recent election that was held within the country on December 30, right before ushering in the New Year.   Locals reported that ballot boxes were stuffed the night before elections.  They also noted that voting stations were closed for prolonged breaks, voters were turned away from polling stations and that voters were harassed by ruling Awami League officials.  In addition, there were reports that the votes were counted in an unrealistically fast manner, raising suspicions whether the votes were actually counted.

Due to these developments, the Bangladeshi Opposition is outraged, believing that the Bangladeshi peoples’ democratic right to elect their leader is being taken away from the people.  “Our polling agents are being intimidated and obstructed while entering voting stations,” BNP Joint Secretary Moazzem Hossain Alal declared.  “In some cases, they are being driven out from the polling stations or being arrested.”

Despite this, earlier on, the Bangladeshi Election Commission reported that Sheikh Hasina won a landslide victory, obtaining 288 out of the country’s 298 parliamentary seats.  “We call upon the election commission to declare this farcical election void and demand a fresh election under a neutral government,” Kamal Hossain, who coordinates an alliance of opposition parties, proclaimed.     Following this development, the Election Commission announced that they are investigating whether the voting was rigged.

Chandan Nandy, acting editor of India’s South Asia Monitor, proclaimed on Twitter: “The election has been robbed.  The vote robbery was pre-planned.  And the head of the Dhaka Bureau of the Indian intelligence agency “RAW”, Shashi Bhushan Singh (Toma) was involved with this pre-planned vote robbery.”  It should be noted that despite the widespread reports of voter fraud, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina following the election.  So did PA President Mahmoud Abbas, another Muslim despot.

Due to these developments, the World Hindu Struggle Committee, which is supporting the Bangladeshi Opposition groups, rejected the 11th Bangladeshi Parliamentary Election results: “We witnessed widespread vote robbery, the seizure of ballot papers, the casting of fake votes, the eviction of people from polling stations, an attack upon candidates, etc.  As a result, the World Hindu Struggle Committee has rejected the election results. The World Hindu Struggle Committee is demanding to hold neutral and peaceful elections within the next three months.” They also argued that since the Bangladeshi government cannot be trusted to oversee free and fair elections, Sheikh Hasina should resign and the government should be transferred over to caretaker government, who would oversee free and fair elections.