With the rockets fired from the Gaza Strip last month, today’s shooting by the security fence and the IDF’s response, Hamas is intensifying its threats against Israel. A website affiliated with the terrorist organization threatened to put an end to its restraint: “We will respond to every Israeli attack.”


Hamas Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

The tension in the Gaza Strip in recent months, coupled with the shooting today (Thursday) at IDF soldiers and Israel’s air strikes in response, led to Hamas’ explicit threat against Israel. Al-Majd, a Hamas-affiliated website, questioned the organization’s intent to stop exercising restraint in response to Israeli attacks.

According to Hamas, “A rocket for a rocket, a military post for a military post,” is how the new equation will look from here on out. The news article asserted that if Israel thinks it can continue to freely attack Hamas targets, it is mistaken. According to the article, it is possible that Hamas will have the proper motivation to put an end to the long period of its restraint.