Two Shimshon transport planes apparently got dangerously close to each other during the aerial show celebrating Israel’s independence. Only upon landing did it become clear that a safety incident had occurred in the air. The IDF: “There was no danger to human life. The incident is being investigated.”

Footage from the air show

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The two Hercules planes approached each other until just a small distance separated them. The safety incident was discovered only after the planes had completed their role in the demonstration and had landed at their base. Thus far it would appear that no damage was caused to the planes and the air force has begun investigating the incident.

The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said in response: “During the Yom Haatzmaut aerial show, two heavy transport planes approached one another at a close distance. There was no danger to human life.” It was also reported that the incident was being investigated by experts in the IDF.

3 planes fly over Israel's skies in celebration of Independence Day

3 planes fly over Israel’s skies in celebration of Independence Day Photo credit: Channel 2 News