A very emotional event will take place this Friday night. For the first time since 1943 Passover Seder at the heart of what was once the Warsaw ghetto.

Rabbi Shalom Stambler who is the Chief Rabbi of Chabad of Poland will host this special seder with families of missing or survivors of the Ghetto. Over 100 participants from Israel, the United States and Europe will be present. Many of those attending had family that had perished in the Holocaust.

“A magnificent show of spiritual triumph, families of Ghetto survivors celebrating the Jewish festival of redemption together,” Rabbi Stambler said.

Members of the Szpielman family, whose uncle Vlaidslav was a world-famous pianist will be present. The story of Vlaidslav Szpielman is portrayed in the 2003 movie “The Pianist”.

It has been 76 years since the Nazi hordes invaded the Warsaw ghetto in order to round up the Jews who heroicly fought back against the Nazis on Passover Eve, April 19th 1943. The ghetto was destroyed and everyone was either killed or deported to death camps.