After an especially warm weekend, today the weather will change. Later in the week, it will gradually warm up.

Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

After there was warm weather over the weekend, today the weather will change. Cold air will come from the sea and temperatures will drop by 10-15 degrees C. The clouds will return and there will even be drops of rain.

It is 17 degrees C in Safed, 25 degrees C in Tiberius, 19 degrees C in Haifa, 22 degrees C in Tel Aviv, 18 degrees C in Jerusalem, 22 degrees C in Ashkelon, 23 degrees C in Beersheba and 32 degrees C in Eilat.

However, the significant cooling of temperatures will not last long. Later this week, the temperatures will warm up. Thus, the weather will return to what it normally is for this season of the year.