The Israeli Defence Forces  took to Twitter to promote Elon Musk’s high-speed transit tunnel in California and bash the Hezbollah in just two phrases.

The IDF praised the founder of SpaceX and The Boring Company for building rockets and digging tunnels — something Tzahal said Hezbollah also does, except that its goal is to “kill Israeli civilians”.

The IDF’s tweet came in response to the highly anticipated announcement Elon Musk made earlier this week. He said that his brainchild, tunnel construction firm The Boring Company, would unveil its test rapid underground transit system in Los Angeles on December 18, eight days later that initially planned.

The billionaire Tesla boss added that his company will also put on show an “autonomous transport car” as well as a car elevator system to connect the tunnel with the ground level.

While digging tunnels is viewed as serious business in the United States, blowing them up in Israel is considered a matter of national security. The IDF has voiced its concerns over a tunnel threat emanating from the Hezbollah: according to the military, militants from across the border with Lebanon have been building underground networks to carry out attacks against the Jewish state.

An IDF spokesman has announced last week that the Israeli army was kicking off Northern Shield Operation on the border with Lebanon in order to find and destroy the Hezbollah’s cross-border tunnel

Contributed by IDF and Sputnik News