Thousands of women in Israel are taking part in a strike against gender violence, which includes a mass demonstration in Tel Aviv and other cities.

More than 300 authorities, local and regional public institutions, schools and companies have expressed their support for the protest. Among the organizations that support the day are 47 local authorities, eleven unions, 84 companies, 27 civil organizations and a hundred corporations and small businesses, and include the President’s Residence, Reuven Rivlin, the Kibbutz movement, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Google, the main telecommunications companies in the country, banks and the soccer club Macabi Tel Aviv.

Celebrity Gal Gadot expressed her support for the protests on her Instagram account.

The protests are trying to draw attention to the lack of governmental and police action to stop violence against women and is convened a week after the murder of two teenagers in the country were reported: Yara Ayub, 16, and Silvana Tsegai, 12

Since the beginning of 2018, twenty-three women have died in Israel because of gender-based violence, the highest number since 2011

The movements for the defense of women’s rights accuse the government of not doing anything about it and several deputies have proposed creating a commission of inquiry to study the lack of action by the authorities, which were not approved by the government coalition.