PA President Mahmoud Abbas really lost his marbles this time

Yesterday, the PA President  accused Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, of personally giving Hamas money for the Islamic terrorist group to carry out attacks against Israeli targets in order to make the West Bank “pay the price.”

During a speech at the Palestinian government headquarters in Ramallah, Abbas said: “Netanyahu personally hands the money to Hamas. What does that mean? Hamas transfers it here in the form of weapons, ammunition, and funds. ”

“We captured 90% of what they sent here. The other 10% was used in the last operations that were perpetrated,” Abbas added, suggesting that Israel is also to blame for the latest terrorist attacks.

“Hamas acknowledged that it carried out these operations. Israel also admitted that Hamas perpetrated them. Therefore, they [Israel] gave them the money and we paid the price. ”

Abbas noted as ‘proof’ that Israel is authorizing Qatar to deliver millions of dollars for salaries of Hamas officials in the Gaza Strip as part of an unofficial truce between Israel and the Islamic terrorist group that controls Gaza.

Abbas is no fan of Hamas as they  took control of the Gaza Strip from Fatah in 2007, through a bloody civil war.

The PA President has repeatedly threatened to cut off funds to the Gaza Strip if Hamas does not accept attempts at reconciliation, including the handover of power in Gaza and the disarmament of the terrorist group.

Still, Abbas also affirmed during the meeting that the PA “will not allow Hamas to be accused of being a terrorist organization.”

Abbas made these comments in relation to the proposal raised by Israel and the United States in the UN General Assembly, weeks ago, to describe Hamas as a “terrorist organization.”

“Hamas is part of the Palestinian people,” he said. “We disagree with Hamas on almost all issues, and they create anarchy in the West Bank; but those are issues between us as Palestinians. I will not accept the condemnation of Hamas. ”