A second picture shows Abbas walking around the hospital in slippers and a robe.

Abbas and the anti-Israel cartoon

Abbas and the anti-Israel cartoon Photo Credit: Palestinian media/Twitter screenshot

In a photo published by the Palestinian media on Monday, Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas can be seen reading a newspaper with a distinct anti-Israel cartoon on the back page.

The caricature shows a soldier force feeding poison to baby Lila Anwar. The uniform of the soldier does not have any distinguishing features of Israel or the IDF but the Palestinian illustrator who drew the cartoon, Sabaaneh, named it “Lila Landur,” after the Palestinian baby who passed away last week. The same caricature was posted on the artist’s Twitter account with the caption “#IDF kill 8 months old baby in #Gaza” and the USEmbassyJerusalem, Gaza, GreatReturnMarch and Nakba70 hashtags.

Anwar and her family participated in the violent clashes along the Gaza border last Monday and the Palestinian Ministry of Health declared her death as a result of inhaling tear gas shot at the rioters by IDF forces. The IDF denied the allegations and stated that there is evidence to contradict the Palestinian reports regarding the cause of death.

Aside from the photo of Abbas with the newspaper, another picture was released in an attempt to refute rumors regarding his health condition. In the second picture, Abbas can be seen walking the corridors of the hospital in a robe and slippers.