Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has decided to punish Palestinian citizens for Israel’s decision to cut fund given to the PA that will be used for terrorists and their families.

In spite of how Israel is viewed by her haters, Israel’s hospitals attend to thousands of Palestinians each week who suffer from medical problems that cannot be taken care of in the PA territories.  Until now the Palestinian Authority has coordinated with the State of Israel the transfer and care of these patients.

The PA’s budget allocated approximately $ 100 million annually to medical aid programs in Israel for citizens who could not be treated in their hospitals.

Now that Israel passed a law that holds back about $138 million that would have gone to terrorists and their families, the PA has chosen to replace those funds from the money intended for Palestinian medical treatments in Israel.

According to a Palestinian Media Watch report that some 100 thousand Palestinians have already received medical treatment in Israel. Among those patients are PA officers and their relatives who have received medical treatments of varying degrees of severity.

The Palestinian Authority has previous measures to reduce the salaries of public employees as a solution to the economic crisis of its governance. These wage cuts, coupled with the elimination of medical care in Israel, make it clear that it is more important for the Palestinian Authority to subsidize terrorism rather than ensuring the well being of its citizens. the living conditions of Palestinians.