Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas told a local television station that he believes Arab and Islamic organizations will embrace his demand that the UN recognize a Palestinian state and set up a body to oversee the peace negotiations with Israel.

PA leader Mahmoud Abbas

PA leader Mahmoud Abbas Photo credit: Kremlin

Shortly after returning to Ramallah on Friday, Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas gave an interview to a local television station, stating that he has received “positive feedback” on his proposal to have to UN oversee the peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians and his call on the UN to recognize a Palestinian state.

“I want our people to be pleased with what we’ve suggested, as well as the Arab League, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and other international organizations,” Abbas said. “I believe they will respond positively. The feedback is already very good, both from the Security Council and on a more regional and local level in the Arab world.”

In his brief address to the UN Security Council on Tuesday, Abbas called on the UN “to convene an international peace conference by mid-2018, which will be based on international resolutions and in which both parties will be present.”

“What we asked for isn’t impossible,” Abbas said in the interview on Friday. “We want there to be a body that would lead to the official recognition of us (as a state) and oversee the negotiations. It’s not a new request and therefore I don’t believe anyone can object to it.”